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Donor Hero: Richard Moon

by Jean Hall-Moon

Our son Richard Harry Moon passed away suddenly from a brain aneurism on 8 March 2018.

We as a family, myself and husband Harry along with Richards sisters Jill, Jan and Julie immediately made the decision to donate Richards organs and on 10 March 2018 the organs were donated to four recipients.

We were so lucky to be contacted just months later by one of Richards recipient who received part of the liver.

Just months after that contact our whole family travelled to Sydney to meet Mark (recipient) and his family. It was the most worthwhile journey we have ever done in our lives to meet with this amazing person who is now leading a healthier life than he was leading prior to his transplant and knowing that Richards passing has made Mark’s life and three other recipients lives happier and healthier is all that we could ever wish for.

Richard was an amazing son, brother, cousin, uncle and friend to thousands who all miss him more than words can ever explain.

The ‘Gift of Life’ of organ and tissue donation is the most amazing organisation ever and just knowing that our loss has improved other people’s lives make this so worthwhile.


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