A powerful eulogy given by Tara Cheyne in Federal Parliament for Emma and Robert Caskie

12 May 2020

During 2019 Jacqueline Caskie had to say good by to both her daughter and the her husband in the space of six months.  Between the two of them they saved the lives of 9 recipients.

Should Donor Families and their Recipients Meet?

August, 2019

A very moving story addressing the issue of whether Donor Families and their Recipients should be allowed to meet if both parties consent.

Organ Donation: The emotional meeting between the mothers of a donor and recipient

May 27, 2019

When Julie Wilson's teenage son Brodie died suddenly, the Melbourne mum made the decision to donate his organs.   It was an action that saved the life of a baby girl who was in desperate need of a new liver.   Now the two families have met for the first time and Sunrise was there for the emotional moment.

Philippa Delahoy story of the passing of her husband and her work with Pfizer

8th May, 2019

Phizer produces staff profiles on those within their organisation that are making a community contribution.  Philippa discusses organ donation following Scott's passing and her passion for the work that she does within Phizer.

Ben's Gift - Australian Story (ABC)

March 4, 1999

Ben's Gift takes you on a journey that impacted on two families following the death and subsequent donation of Ben's organs

Donor Families and Recipients connecting by Robyn McCanna

10 June 2018

Robyn tells her letter writing experiences with her daughter's recipients and the thrill of actually meeting Helen.

The Today Show interviewing the Harrisons and their son's kidney recipient, David


Graham and Elayne Harrison, together with David Ridoutt, their son's kidney recipient, talk with Liz Hayes on the morning Today Show about the meeting and what it has meant to them both.

When Thelma (donor wife) met Steve (recipient)


The Today Tonight CH7 show enabled Thelma to meet with her husband's double lung recipient, Steve, for the first time.

60 Minutes Australia segment on contact between Donor Families and Recipients 


60 Minutes interviews donor families, recipients and health officials on the subject of both parties wishing to meet.

Donor Awareness Fountain, Geraldton

December 20, 2015

After some years since opening, the Donor Awareness Fountain in Geraldton WA needed some refurbishment. Here's the fountain in 2015 after it got its polish and shine.

The Man and the Dog

March 27, 2015

A very emotional spin on organ donation



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