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A selection of individual articles, links and media releases from Donor Families Australia

We also publish a quarterly newsletter.

Donor Families Australia (DFA) Members are invited to consult and provide feedback on the Draft Ethical Guidelines for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation.

Please download the survey (MS word doc) by clicking the button below.

Responses by reply email to DFA admin must be received by 14 July 2024.


In 2023 the Federal Parliament passed amendments to the Human Tissue Act.   DFA have now been notified that a review of the Ethical guidelines for cell, tissue and organ donation and transplantation has yet again NOT involved DFA and Donor Families.

DFA have now sent a letter to the Federal Health Minister seeking his involvement to correct this situation. 

Clarification of the Human Tissue Act with regards to Disclosure of Information: Section 34

30 April 2021


DFA has requested Lavan Law Firm to provide advice with respect to legislation surrounding the ability of organ donor families (next of kin of minr/adult deceased donors) to disclose or give to any other person any information or document whereby the identity of "a person" may become publicly known

Let organ/tissue donor families "have control over their Donor Hero's information"

26th July 2022


This petition is to bring about legislative change in WA and other States and Territories in Australia to give us and other donor families the legal right to:

  • Show our daughter's photo, say her name with pride and tell people she is a donor hero.   This in turn will help promote the benefits of organ/tissue donation and help increase the current lagging consent rate.  

  • Have her donation recorded on her death certificate to formally recognise her gift to others.  The law in WA and every other Australian state prohibits this from happening.  

  • Have total control of our daughter's donation information to use as we choose.


Kurri Mongrels Ride for DFA (10-13 Sep 2020)

23 June 2020

The Kurri Mongrels are a country community of of enthusiastic group of cyclists from Kurri and the surrounding area in NSW.  Every year, they conduct a fundraising cycle conducted over several days to raise funds towards a charity organisation.


This year Donor Families Australia is their nominated charity.

Donor Families Australia congratulates ACT, and MLA Tara Cheyne, on Amendment Bill

19 February 2020


Donor Families Australia congratulates the ACT and especially thanks Tara Cheyne MLA for her advocacy in bringing about this nationally groundbreaking Bill forward.


If passed, for the first time in Australia, tissue donation will be recorded on the death register, and in turn, on death certificates. It also legislates the possibility of formal recognition in a letter from the Chief Minister

Australia's First Official Donor/Recipient Contact Registry

11 March 2018

Until now, despite the wishes of many donor families and recipients who have shared the donation transplant experience, connection between both sides has been actively blocked by healthcare organisations who fear that either party will suffer if they meet or communicate.

From today, donor families and recipients can register their details through the Donor Families Australia website for contact. If certain criteria and consent to conditions is met by both sides, then a mutual introduction can be made

The right to meet

20 January 2017 (updated June 2017)


Right now in Australia, communication between consenting Donor Families and Recipients is limited despite increasing numbers expressing a desire to meet in a less restricted and supported way, providing healing and hope, whilst still honouring the wishes of those who wish to retain their privacy.

We were overwhelmed to have received 544 survey responses on this issue which was  presented to the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) and its associated organisations, asking them to review the regulation, policy and practice that govern this area at the recent Community Consultative Forum.

Please see the Autumn 2017 edition of our Newsletter for our article outlining the forum.

Where is the family in "making your decision count"?

28 July 2017

As DonateLife commences this Sunday 30 July, Donor Families Australia (DFA) highlights its concern with the new registration system that has been put in place to coincide with the Australian Government’s national reform program, effectively removing the importance of the family in the organ and tissue donation registration process.

Organ donation: Australian donors and recipients share their stories

February 13, 2015

DFA Donor Dinner 2014

26 November 2014

Memorial to raise organ donation awareness

6 Oct 2009

ACT legislates for recognition of organ and tissue gift

21 May 2020


Tara Cheyne MLA ACT releases statement released regarding the enactment of her Bill to have gifts of organ and tissue donation recognised on death certificates in the ACT.

Government considering 'opt-out'

December 10, 2018

A drastic change being considered by the Australian government would see residents automatically listed as organ donors as part of a new opt-out system.  A result that can bypass the Family being involved in the Consent Process.  Should Donor Families be involved?

The communication experiences becomes consumer led

28 February 2018

Previous research suggests that “Donor Families and Recipients not only desire contact, they think they have a right to meet even if the transplant professional advises against it."

Now, a consumer led movement is facilitating the connection of consenting organ and tissue donor families with recipients who have shared the same donation/ transplantation experience — a practice that is expected to lead to increased acceptance and the normalisation of organ donation and transplantation, but is actively blocked by healthcare organisations who fear that donor families or recipients will suffer disappointment or ‘behave badly’ if they meet.

A quarter of kidney donors are living: what you need to know to be a donor

June 20, 2017

Donor Families support Thank You Day

19 November 2016

Sunday 20 November 2016 marks DonateLife “Thank You Day” across Australia, acknowledging all organ and tissue donors and their families. In WA, Donor Families Australia is holding a free barbecue at Sir James Mitchell Park in South Perth for donors, recipients, their families and the rest of the community. The event is held in conjunction with donor agency partners PlusLife and Lion’s Eyebank WA.

Monument honours organ donors

14 Dec 2012

Organs are the greatest gift

23 Feb 2004

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