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A range of information and resources from various agencies to assist and support donor families, donors,
and recipient families.

Contact with Donor Families Australia can be requested through:


Please note: Donor Families Australia is currently reviewing documentation provided by donatelife.

We appreciate any appropriate comments. Please click the button below to lodge these.

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Letter Writing Exchange Improvement

In March 2018 a Donor Families Australia (DFA) delegation of 4 committee members met with the Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) CEO and an OTA officer in a meeting room within Sydney Airport.  The OTA CEO invited DFA to a discussion on letter writing. 


Some three years on this joint communique between the DFA and OTA on letter writing is a significant document involving Donor Families, Recipients and the OTA .  A truly consultative approach has been taken to put in place a letter writing system that is based on the needs of Donor Families and Recipients. 

Paramount to all these improvements is the ability to be able to voice your concerns.  If your experience is not as written, please let DFA or the OTA know.  It is only by you gaining your voice and wanting to be heard will the system keep improving. 

DFA will continue to advocate for all Donor Families and the Donation Community on all relevant issues. 

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Brain Death

Reflections on the experience of brain death from the perspective of donor father, Graham Harrison - Donor Families Australia

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Understanding Death and Donation

A resource produced by DonateLife

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Counselling Support Services

Directory of resources and assistance available to donor families, recipient and families, produced by DonateLife

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Correspondence Guidelines for Donor Families

Guidelines on correspondence from donor families to  recipients and families, produced by DonateLife as at July 2021

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Correspondence Guidelines for Recipients and their Family

Guidelines on correspondence from recipients and families to donor families, produced by DonateLife as at July 2021

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In Reflection

Book produced by DonateLife, dedicated to all organ and tissue donors and their families who, through their generosity, have changed the lives of others through transplantation.

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Christmas is different now

This Fact Sheet provides some suggestions about how to celebrate Christmas now that our loved one is gone.  Compiled and adapted from Articles from The Compassionate Friends

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