Donor-Recipient Contact Register


The Donor-Recipient community has requested Donor Families Australia to facilitate connections between Donor Families and the beneficiaries of their deceased family member’s donation.
Interested Donor Family Members and Associate Members (Recipient) are invited to join the Donor-Recipient Contact Register.


How to join the Register


Step 1

To join the Register, you must first join as a Member.

To prevent duplication and reduce processing times, please ensure that you are not already a Donor Families Australia Member. If you aren’t sure, please just contact us.

Step 2

Once your Donor Families Australia Membership is confirmed, complete the Donor-Recipient Contact Register Application (click on the Donor Families or Recipient Application button below).

Please ensure you have scanned documents of cards or letters (if received) before commencing with your application and do complete all box's with an asterisk.

You will be provided with the Contact Process and Conditions which you will need to read, acknowledge and accept before submitting your application.

Step 3

We will let you know when we find a match.



Select the appropriate application and you will be taken to the online form for completion



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