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The Donor-Recipient

Contact Register

Welcome to the Register

The Donor-Recipient community has requested the Donor Families Australia facilitate connections between Donor Families and the beneficiaries (recipients) of their deceased family member’s donation.

Interested Donor Family Members and Associate Members (Recipient) registered with DFA are invited to join our Donor-Recipient Contact Register.

How it works


Step 1

To join the Register, you must be a Member of Donor Families Australia.

Become a member

*If you're about to join as a new Member...

Please make sure that you're not already a Donor Families Australia Member because duplicating your membership will mean increased processing time.

If you aren’t sure if you're already a Member, just ask us via CONTACT US!


Step 2

Once your Donor Families Australia Membership is confirmed, you'll need to read, acknowledge and accept the Contact Process and Conditions (see next section), before submitting your application.

Have scanned copies of any cards or letters (if received) ready to upload before commencing with your application.

Complete your Contact Register Application (see the Ready to apply section below).

Please ensure you complete all mandatory fields (those boxes with an asterisk).


Step 3

We'll let you know when we find a match.

Contact Process and Conditions

Before proceeding with your Contact Register Application, you must read and acknowledge your acceptance of the process and conditions in this document.


You're encouraged to save a copy of this document to assist you in your use of the Contact Register, and for your own records.

Ready to apply?

Once you have read Steps 1 to 3 above, select the appropriate application type (Donor Family OR Recipient)
and you'll be taken to your online registration form
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