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Donor Hero CAMERON

In 1989 I was privileged to join the newly established Victorian Liver Transplant Unit as Chaplain for Pastoral Care and Counselling.   My children were teenagers introduced to the reality of transplantation through my work and our conversations around the table.   My role was to support recipients, their families and the unit staff. I was grateful for the opportunity to attend 2 donor operations and nearly every transplant.   I was always moved by the sensitivity of the staff to the donor in particular.   

When our son Cameron died in 2008 it was an easy decision to offer his body for tissue donation.   Cam donated cornea, tissue, muscle and bone.   A few weeks later we received a letter of thanks from a cornea recipient whose sight was returned.   For 16 years that card has been on our hall table in pride of place.   Cam was an ordinary man and through him the extraordinary became possible.   In 2018 I received 2 donor grafts in ACL surgery so I have truly been touched by every part of donation and transplantation

by mother Jenny McGuirk


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