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Donor Hero: Laura

by Kerri Daw

Daughter Laura was diagnosed with an aggressive lung disease in October 2020 and was placed on the transplant list for a double lung transplant in May 2021; and so the wait began for her and her family, while in the meantime she needed to stay as well as possible, so as to be able to have the transplant.

This was very challenging, and heartbreaking watching her struggle with life, but throughout this period she never complained and was extremely positive that when her time came, this would extend her life. Her chance came by way of the call an organ match had been found, on her birthday in 2022, and so off to the hospital she went, she was so calm and relaxed, but I guess inside her stomach was churning. Things started off looking like we had success, but she returned to surgery the same night due to bleeds, then the horror for the family began when next day they say she had a watershed stoke. This was not her time, and we were given the heartbreaking news she would not be returning to us.

As we were in awe that a family had given our daughter a second chance of life, so we were recipients and donors within 3 days. This decision was very easy for us to make, and other families now would be given the unbelievable act of kindness that had been afford to Laura. Organ donation is so important, and the statistics are still not as high as we would hope for.

We all need to tell our stories of what our loved ones have donated and ask that all families have this discussion. We as a family all know each one’s wishes as for our organs after death. This loving mother of 2 young children is very dearly missed by her husband and her parents, and her many friends and colleagues from her village as she called her community.


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