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Donor Hero: Jack Sutton

by Kate Holt

On the 26th May 2020, my world came crashing down. On this day, I had just spoken to my then 17 year old son on the way home from work, it was almost his 18th birthday and were speaking about what he'd like. He didn't appear himself over the phone and little did I know, this would be my very last conversation I'd have.

By the time I had arrived home, I received a call from Mum saying my son had attempted to take his life. It had taken 17 minutes for the paramedics to regain a faint pulse where he was then rushed to hospital. Upon arriving, it was clear that my son had sustained a catastrophic brain injury. I spent 4 days in hospital with him, and thinking about it now, I'm so grateful. On the 29th May 2020 a series of tests were done to determine the extent of his injury. It was this day that I had to make a decision on whether to donate my son's organs, and knowing him and the beautiful boy he is, without hesitation I agreed to donate.

On his last day in hospital, the 30th May 2020, he saved 5 lives. I couldn't be more proud of him for giving the gift of live to someone in need and I know he wouldn't want it any other way. His heart, lungs, liver and both kidneys were donated. My sons legacy will continue to live through myself and my family. Anyone who knows my son, knows his personality is larger than life, a real character and always had everyone laughing. He is loved so much by his friends, who are still trying their best to get through every day without their mate.

RIP Jack, terribly missed and forever loved.


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