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Donor Hero: Adam Gale

By brother Nathan Gale

My Brother Adam is not only a Donor Hero, but also a Superhero! (He's Banana Man in the photo “right”). Adam was an incredibly generous, fun-loving individual. He adored his family immensely and relished the role of being a loving husband and father of his one-year-old daughter Zoe (now 8 years old). You could always rely on Adam to help you through your troubles and to liven up any situation with funny anecdotes and a sharp, whimsical smile.

Adam passed on suddenly early 2014 when an aneurism ruptured in his brain. Obviously, this tragedy was a shock to his family and loved ones as he was generally healthy and quite an active individual that loved his sports and exercise (especially cricket!).Adam had previously had the discussion with his wife about his desire to be an organ and tissue donor in the event that his life was to be cut short. Adam saved the lives of seven people that day by donating his kidneys, heart, lungs and liver to those in need.Adam's family are incredibly proud of his decision to be a donor, knowing that there's some beauty arising from a this deeply unfortunate situation.I know he's also inspired many of his close friends and family to register as Organ and Tissue donors


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