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Donor Hero: Peter - He left too soon

My name is Philippa Waldron from Perth WA. I lost my wonderful husband Peter very suddenly after 37 happy years of marriage in 2009.

He was fit, strong healthy and aged only 61. He was on life support for two days after having suffered a brain aneurysm and always said he wanted to be a organ and tissue donor if the time ever came.

We were planning retirement and trips. He was going to walk his only daughter down the red carpet in a castle in Spain when she married, her lovely now Spanish husband.

My married son had a beautiful boy. Peter had many plans for his grandson, showing him how to use every tool in his shed. He never got to see his new Spanish granddaughters.

He left too soon.

Despite my personal tragedy, my hero husband has given most precious gifts of life to others and their families and this is a great comfort down the years. It is just so important to talk about donation within families and every donor family can be very very proud of their loved ones.

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