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Donor Hero: Anthony Parr - a Living Donor

I am a living altruistic kidney donor. My name is Anthony Parr from Tasmania and I’m pleased to share my short story of why I felt so strongly about donating a kidney to a stranger.

I have carried my organ donor card in my wallet for some 25 years and never gave it a thought about living donors until 2012 when I was reading about organ donors on the internet, I noticed a story about living donors. I fell in love instantly and never had one doubt. Within 2-3 days, I saw my GP and then went to my local hospital for an interview and testing which started a week or so later.

Seventeen months later, I was still a long way from donating. The level of suspicion and caution was more than I expected. I was told most potential altruistic donors were not accepted. I felt flat and was sure that my chances of donating in Australia were minimal. Seventeen months of testing along with a lack of interest on the hospitals part was more than I needed. I went home and put "Plan B" into effect. Leaving Australia to donate a kidney was my only option. I made contact with a man in the USA after some research and in a very short time, I sent a blood sample to a major hospital with a long history in transplant surgery. I was a match and a 62 year old gentleman was about to have his life changed forever.

On the 4th January 2013, I departed Australia for the USA. My testing started on the 8th January, which involved three days of testing. On surgery day, the 16th January 2013, my dream of donating a kidney was now one of the most happiest days I can remember. The stranger I donated to was now my friend and my joy for this man and his family will never leave me.

It is now over two years since my kidney donation and it's my great pleasure to wish everyone considering a living donation all the very best with this important decision. To all who have lo

st a love one and yet gave to others this great gift of life through organ donation, you are a great example to me that I should be blessed with good health and share it with a sick person as a living donor.

Thank you for helping me with my decision.I am a better person for it.

Anthony Parr.

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