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Donor Hero: Miliya O'Shea

by mun Meg O'Shea

Miliya was a gentle soul with compassion and empathy for those around her but was especially concerned about endangered animals. During her short life, she raised money that was donated to Australia Zoo’s conservation projects. She was a little Bindi Irwin.

On 14/02/2017, when she was 8 years old, she went to school and never came home. She died suddenly & unexpectedly due to a brain aneurysm. Emergency services and the amazing doctors and nurses at John Hunter Hospital PICU did everything in their power to save our little girl but she was pronounced brain dead on 16/02/2017.

The decision for her to become a donor hero was an easy one- she always wanted to help others and this would be her most precious and meaningful gift of all. Due to her rare blood type, the only organs she could donate were her kidneys. She gave the Gift of Longer Life to 2 recipients who have hopefully gone on to create more memories with their loved ones.

We have never met her donor recipients but received an anonymous beautiful card from one.

We have since gone on to raise money in her name and honour & celebrate her short but meaningful life.


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